viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009


There is a new version of gvSIG 1.1.2 for Intel MacOS +10.4 loaded with sextante 0.15, the autocomplete polygon feature by Fran Peñarrubia, and last but not least LIDAR by DIELMO.
AFAICT is as stable as the official one. So if you want give it a try push here.
A set of data can be found here.
WARNING: By default -Xmx is set to about 2000M, so, if you're short of memory in your machine, downgrade it to 1024 or 512 in the corresponding tag at

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Gaya dijo...

Link not working :(

Agustin dijo...

Ooops, try now

Gaya dijo...

working now, thanks :)
Any idea if the new extensions of the Junta de Castilla y León will be available also for mac?