martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

We got gvSIG 1.9 for Mac with sextante and NavTable

We got gvSIG 1.9 for Mac with sextante and NavTable 4.01.

This a fidedigne version of the one developped by Ai2. You can find more details about the original one gvSIG 3D blog.
Curiously enough, at the moment of this release the 3D extension is not working well, but last week the maintainers announced that the bug was already being fixed.
NavTable seems to have compatibility problems with the traditional gvSIG tables. This is not big deal if you don't want to add, rename, or delete fields.
The gvSIG 3D blog recommends the use of docking skin, but this option gives me some pain when using NavTable so I prefer gvsig3dgui skin.
I've using this version for teaching and medium to heay work load for the last two weeks without big getting in serious problems.
As an extra I have put there the TReCC 1.0 icons set.
I got into problems for saving the current project when a wms layer is loaded.
Most of raster type are allowed but ecw and mrsid. Those can be loaded with grass or qgis by William Kyngsbure if needed. William has GDAL plugins for both ecw and mrsid, as far as the GDAL framework is inside the Ai2 build I hope we will be able to read them in mac sooner than later.
Words are that sextante team is preparing a customized version of gvSIG, I bet either them of the OADE people will release a completely functional Mac version in no time. By the way much of OADE beta release apply to this one.

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ljegou dijo...

Merci, cela fonctionne très bien :-)

Agustin dijo...

merci a toi, je voulais y arriver a la communauté francophonée.
J'espère que il y aura une nouvelle version tôt